Package me Free

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it’s not.”


What's the deal with plastic? 

The world is drowning in plastic and packaging. Our oceans have become a plastic soup, with birds and sea life digesting toxic items. Our streets are littered, and as the population expands, so does the land required for all of our waste and rubbish. 

The majority of single use items we use, like straws and cutlery, are made from plastics which do not break down and forever leaves its imprint on the earth. 

Plastic is also made from nasty chemicals and fossil fuels, making their manufacture un-sustainable. 

There are plenty of alternatives, and we are here to show you them. 

Tiny Steps

It is overwhelming when you start to look at the amount of packaging and plastics we use on a daily basis. I am on my own journey of moving towards a zero waste lifestyle, and it's not easy. The best way is to start with one thing, and get used to that, before tackling the next challenge. 

Each week set yourself a new goal or challenge. 

Package Free

All of the amazing items available here have been reviewed and tested for you.  They have no plastic packaging, or are alternatives to single use plastics. 

I have worked with suppliers to minimise the amount of packaging for deliveries, and I will do the same when shipping items to you. 

But going 'package free' is as simple as saying NO to a plastic straw, saying NO to a plastic bag, or saying NO to a takeaway cup.